About ME


About ME

I’m a 23-year-old Masters student, studying the BJTC-accredited Television Journalism MA course at Goldsmiths, University of London. I did a BA Hons in Journalism and a BA Languages (English, French and Spanish) in South Africa.

I dabbled in many things while I tried to find my true passion; those things include modelling and starting a modelling agency, language editing and acting. Eventually, I found I enjoyed and was good at TV and radio journalism.

As part of my Masters, I script-write and plan shoots, film, edit, interview, present/report, direct our TV News days (like the Ten o'clock news you'd watch on TV). I'm also studying UK, US and international media law and ethics, and attend various talks and workshops with industry professionals. I'm currently researching and preparing a pitch for commission.

We also do some radio production and academic writing, as you may have guessed.

I am also the Media Department Student Co-ordinator, responsible for the welfare of more than 200 students. My responsibilities include frequent reports on student concerns for the college management board, the inception of an annual project aimed at improving student life within the department, liaising with college management, including the warden, in creating a better working environment for students and staff alike.

I spent a few weeks at the BBC, working with the World Service on a radio and TV programme called Focus on Africa. I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity and was able to produce a couple of stories for the programme including the coverage of the Angolan war lord, Jonas Savimbi's children's case against the Call of Duty makers for defamation of their father in their video game being thrown out of court. I organised an exclusive interview with his son, Cheya Savimbi.





The day after the Brussels attacks, I organised an exclusive interview with a born-and-bred resident of Molenbeek where the Paris and Brussels attackers were from. One of whom he was a childhood acquaintance of. I also produced the coverage of the announcement of Congo-Brazzaville's election results including an exclusive interview with the leading opposition party leader and organised a Tax analyst following the Panama Papers breaking story for TV. 

In addition I assisted with some script-writing and voiceovers.

I am currently working at ITV News London, with responsibilities including organising studio guests, doing interviews and vox pops for the 6pm news programme, researching and assisting in planning stories. 

I have also done a placement this year at BBC Newsbeat where I got a better insight into the roles of the presenters, reporters and editors in their newsroom.I also got an article I pitched during the morning editorial meeting, published.

A year ago in April, amongst hundreds of hopefuls and after a gruesome assessment day and interview, I succeeded in landing an internship at MTV UK. I'd describe my role as production assistant and researcher. I worked on a mass media campaign (most popular for its TV series) called MTV Shuga; that does not hold back when it comes to safe sex; it’s true, we don’t. 

The campaign also involves a radio series, a mobile subscription service and digital and social media aspects; all aimed at improving the sexual health of young people through 'edutainment'. Lupita Nyong'o's first acting gig was actually in the first season of the TV drama. Check out the website here: http://www.shuga.tv.






I also wrote entertainment news and did interviews for MTV Wrap Up and reviews for MTV UK News.  Some of the guests I’ve interviewed include OK Go, Kodaline, Dappy (from N-Dubz), Omarion, Florrie; and actors like the current Mr Nigeria and Mr World runner up, Emmanuel Ikubese to name a few. Might I add that Cuba Gooding Jnr. has smiled and winked (unless it was just a twitch) at me!

Afterwards, I became a News Reader at Wandsworth Radio, from May 2015, up until September when I commenced my Masters.

This role included researching breaking stories, writing my scripts and reading the news on-air.

As a creative, I most importantly contribute to the generation and development of new ideas; and undertake thorough research in order to ensure a smooth transition from the development stage to content delivery. This also includes coming up with concepts to increase audience engagement.

I am competent with OS and Windows; and have a broad range of skills including video editing with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro, sound editing with Audacity and Adobe Audition, photo editing with Adobe Photoshop and other applications.

My experience includes: working as a trainee reporter at the Africa News Network,  volunteering at WaterAid UK’s media department, working as an Editor at a publishing firm, being a Digital Editor and journalist for the student newspapers The Grapevine and The Mamelodi Voice, working as a make-up artist for Givenchy, starring in music videos and commercials amongst other things.

I speak 4 languages, not fluently; and am currently learning to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, drive legally in the UK and  play the saxophone.