So if you know me, you probably know I like writing, in my head that is; I never actually pen down (or type) my thoughts.

This is my umpteenth attempt to do just that, however this time - not necessarily within a structured manner or following a particular theme (#throwback to my 2011 music blog itsalika).

Here I'll share my thoughts, findings, advice, or dilemmas on anything and everything.

Pretty much my journey in life and what I've learnt on the way. This is a positive space, and I aspire it to be motivational and uplifting.

My goal is to touch and inspire as many people as I can, just as the many people I've come across have inspired me :)

Body = Anything that benefits us physically: money, workouts, food.

Mind = Anything that positively influences the way we think.

Soul = Anything that we do or that affects us as humans (as I believe people are souls that interact with each other. We don't interact based on how people look like (hair, eye colour etc), but on who they are).

Spirit = Anything spiritual.

My posts will be contained in one or more of these categories.

Stay blessed x