No one wants to find out there's something wrong with them. No one. 

Our bodies are fascinating. They speak to us even without talking - there's always one way or another that it tells us that something is wrong, and my body's way was by giving me endless backaches, for years. 

I remember the first time I felt a tremendous, sharp pain in my back - so bad I couldn't move for at least 10 minutes.

Off to the doctor I went, and he just laughed it off, "funny enough, there was someone who came in earlier and complained of a mysterious backache."

Basically sending me off on my way with a, 'it must be stress', 'take some paracetamol', 'rest more'; I also left it at that.

Two years later, I was right back where I started - sharp pains, muscle aches, strains, throbbing pains, but this time, not only on my back, but neck and shoulders.

It's always easy to dismiss things, especially when your GP or doctor already has a 'cure' for you before you even tell them what's wrong. 

I decided to save some money, and see a qualified chiropractor - specialists are specialists for a reason. They're the best with what they specialise in. Plus you don't need a referral from your doctor to see them.

After an examination, it was concluded that my spine has curved, causing one shoulder to drop; that was just one of many diagnoses. I was so relieved to finally know what was wrong. 

Yes, he suggested up to 10 treatment sessions with him - which are not friendly to my pocket. Am I going to go to all of them? Maybe not. But there's one thing I'll do along the way that will help me decide, and that is listen to my body. 

And pray.

It's so easy to dismiss having good health, but when you've had:

  • severe eczema on several areas of our body
  • severe upper abdominal pain - causing you to spend 3 weeks taking up to 4 antibiotic tablets a day
  • an embarrassing stool test and MRI scan (coming up) 
  • persistent hay fever
  • painful back/neck/shoulder and feet aches
  • mammograms every 3 months because of lumps your doctor insists you need to observe
  • and much more,

you'll learn to appreciate the short spans of good health you do have.

At 23, no one should be fearful of what could come, while still dealing with what is here now. But I'm choosing to keep my mind and faith on the positives - I have all my limbs, a sound mind and strong heart. 

Sometimes, it's the things you least pay attention to that matter the most. I urge you not to take anything, especially good health, for granted.

What I'm listening to now..