I came across the movie One Chance, based on the life of Paul Potts, the winner of the first-ever Britain's got Talent. 

He was a shy guy, bullied in school, bullied by his father, always made to feel, in his words, "insignificant".

He was a simple guy, working at a Carphone Warehouse in Wales, married to a wonderful lady who thoroughly supported him during his ordeal with a Thyroid tumour - not knowing if he'd ever be able to sing again. 

He overcame all adversity to pursue his dream to live life doing what he loved - singing. 

With encouragement from his wife and mum, he was able to do that; and now with millions of albums sold, a Britain's Got Talent Winner title, number ones in more than 15 countries and having performed for the Queen, Paul is without a doubt an inspiration to millions. 

Here are 5 points I learned from watching the film:

  1. Never give up on your dream
  2. When someone says you're good, believe them
  3. It's never too late for your light to shine
  4. Humility will get you far 
  5. Remain confident in yourself