It's so much harder to believe in yourself than it is to doubt yourself.

At 23,  I often question whether I could have accomplished a lot more than I have now, despite only knowing what career I wanted to pursue at 21. 

As I scroll through Twitter and click on the profiles of young, well-achieving people in the UK and beyond, I sometimes feel a sense of jealousy and uselessness (for lack of a better word) creeping in. 

But in a better state of mind, I know that it's important for us not to allow such feelings like guilt, jealousy, envy, uselessness and desperation take over, as it will only hold us back and not propel us forward. 

We have to consciously make an effort to assure ourselves of our own abilities and potential.

Rather, seeing other people's successes should only encourage us, knowing that we live in a world full of opportunities, so why wouldn't we also succeed? There is enough room for everyone. 

Reminder to self: "The world is not my competition. My crown won't fit anyone else, neither will anyone else's fit me."