I worked on On Tour With MTV Shuga in a production assisting and researching capacity, helping to source out some of the participants, as well as with the filming logistics and the creative plan. 

It was an amazing project to work on. The half-hour show was a promo for the Shuga Tour or Shuga Festivals; happening across Nigeria in May 2015. People could get tickets to one of the festivals by heading to their nearest MTV Shuga-partnering testing centre to get counselled, and if they wished, tested for HIV; and they would be automatically entered into a draw from which they stood a chance to win a pair of free tickets to the festival.

The festivals themselves include an insane line-up of some of Nigeria's best artists, Q+As with the cast of the MTV Shuga TV series, mobile testing clinics; it just promises to be the most amazing time!

In this show, we featured a gossip section with the cast of the last season on all the on-set drama, the talented singer Waje getting a test, a discussion with a young mother who is living with HIV and we bust some myths around the virus.

I helped source the HIV positive lady, and the MTV Shuga fans who sent in their myths.