I had the most unexpected opportunity (I was literally on the middle of telling my sisters how bad the interview went when I got the email) to take up a work placement at ITV News London, and to be honest, I couldn't have asked for anything better!

They really get you stuck in, from organising and doing interviews, getting studio guests, filming vox pops and making contacts, all from 9am that morning for the 6pm news that evening. 

At 9am is the editorial meeting, where all the stories for the programme that evening are laid out. Sometimes I also pitch stories.

Thereafter I get assigned tasks, whether it's taking care of the 'And finally' (the last segment of the news) or organising a guest to come in for one of the lead stories, or going out on location with a designated cameraperson to film vox pops and interviews, doing research for a story, or helping the planning desk by getting in contact with interviewees or case studies for future stories. 

I genuinely enjoy getting there in the morning knowing what an adrenaline-pumped day I'll have, and helping in any little way I can to get such a renowned news programme on air. 

We're currently working on an investigative piece now - so exciting!

*** Update*** 

My day on Friday the 4th of March, for example, went as follows:

8.45am - I arrived for the morning meeting

9.00am - I was sent to Poplar Coroner's Court to attend an inquest into the death of an 80-year-old man in Camden.

I was joined by renowned reporter Nick Thatcher and a cameraman, so after the inquest, I updated him on what happened and pointed out who he should speak to for an interview. 

11.30am - back in the office

12.00pm - I go with reporter and weatherman Martin Stew to Alexandra Palace to help on an on-location interview with Team GB Olympic Sailing qualifiers and potential qualifiers for Rio 2016. We interview them and film them peddling and film some GVs (general views).

3.00pm - back in the office

3.30pm - I'm asked to go down to Green Park station to meet the cameraman to cover a supposed incident. News had spread of an evacuation at the station and of ten ambulances parked outside. I was to get interviews, find out what happened, make sure the cameraman gets all the good footage for an exclusive. - Turns out it was a hoax, a passenger had simply taken ill on the tube, and there were only two ambulances parked outside. 

3.45pm - I head to Guildhall with Martin Stew and Dom, the cameraman, for a live!

*5.55pm - On other days I head down to the gallery with the Editor to watch the programme go out live. Very exciting stuff!

Not forgetting all the amazing advice Martin gave me during our cab rides. And Nick for his commendations.


Check out an adoring fan with Martin ahead of his live report on the 6pm news!:

"You're the weatherman! I watch you do the weather everyday on TV!"

"You're the weatherman! I watch you do the weather everyday on TV!"

On the job. Live report for ITV London from Guidhall.

On the job. Live report for ITV London from Guidhall.

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