I filmed my very first documentary (in 7 days) and am quite pleased to share it with everyone, as I believe it's a topic that needs wider awareness and one that can bring actual change! Check it out below: 

Young, Black and Not Voting Short Documentary [Choose 1080p HD quality]

A growing number of young people in the UK are becoming less and less interested in political matters. 
With the EU Referendum around the corner, it’s predicted that the turnout of voters will be an imbalanced representation of the UK’s population. 

Only less than half of 18-25s are predicted to turn up to the polls, even though they will be most affected by Britain’s decision to remain in or leave the EU. 

Women of an ethnic minority group are also less likely to vote, so as a young lady of African descent myself, "statistically" I fall into the category of non-voters, but I did vote in the 2015 elections and am already registered to vote in the referendum. 

In this short documentary, I spent the day with a group of young people and experts to figure out why all this is so, and what can be done about it. 

Film by
Simisola Jasmine Jolaoso

Special thanks to
Deborah Akintoye
Eritobi Akintoye
Alexandria White
Tamara Awusa
Alonso Munoz
Rashid Nix, Green Party GLA candidate
Mat Lawrence, Institute of Public Policy Research
Adeola Akintoye

Here's an extract of the reflective log I had to submit along with the documentary for my Masters:

I had spoken to a couple of girls about voting in the EU referendum, all of whom said they weren’t interested, yet one of them surprisingly said they didn’t even know they could have voted against the coalition ahead of the introduction of £9000 annual school fees.
It hit me that a lot of young people, especially those of ethnic minority groups – because they are considered a “minority” – don’t understand the right and opportunity they have in choosing the country’s leaders and therefore the fate of their lives while remaining in this country.
I did my research and found out that even I statistically fell into the group of the UK’s population least likely to vote – young, black and female.
I wanted to take it further and explore myself whether this was true and whether I could create something that could lead to a change.
I gathered my “case studies” Deborah, Tobi, Alex and Tamara, all 18, black and British, and figured the best way was to just ask them questions to which I, and viewers, would want answers to.
I also got in contact with the Institute of Public Policy Research, who published reports, including one advising the government to make voting compulsory for young people, to speak to one of their representatives; as well as Rashid Nix, who I found had previously worked on a short documentary about black people in general not voting – who also happened to be a Green Party GLA candidate.
I wanted to make sure the documentary was balanced and distinctive, and fun.
I thought a good way to do that was to reflect their opinions on the back of the opinion the four girls I spoke to gave.
At the end of the documentary, Jonathan, also 18, unexpectedly told me he did plan to vote, which will help show viewers that there is a difference in attitude within the demographic.
The EU referendum is taking place in just over a month, June 2016. I hope and believe this documentary will help bring awareness to this problem, because they are hugely affected by policies put into place by the government, and by the country’s decision to remain or leave the EU.
They can literally put in place of power anyone they want and ignite change.
This was also a great challenge for me as I dealt with all the technical aspects of filming and editing, and having to balance that with the editorial aspect of the documentary really taught me a lot.
For the first time, I even wrote to the pictures!